Wednesday, April 22, 2009

JBossOSGi 1.0.0.Beta1 Released

I am happy to announce the release of JBossOSGi-1.0.0.Beta1.

You can download it here: jboss-osgi-installer-1.0.0.Beta1.jar

The release comes with improvements in the following areas
  • Added Equinox and Knopflerfish integration
  • Improved test support for remote and embedded scenarios
  • A set of installer provided OSGi examples
  • A bundle for remote and local log message filtering
For details please have a look at the latest version of our User Guide.

Here are the change log details


[JBOSGI-28] - Setup OSGi Framework TCK
[JBOSGI-31] - Integration layer for Equinox
[JBOSGI-32] - Integration layer for Knopflerfish
[JBOSGI-59] - Provide initial Examples
[JBOSGI-63] - Update to Felix HTTP Service (Jetty) 1.0.0
[JBOSGI-64] - Update to Felix Log Service 1.0.0
[JBOSGI-65] - Update to Felix 1.6.0


[JBOSGI-36] - Bundle classes leak into system classloader
[JBOSGI-37] - Prevent creation of deployment unit for nested jars
[JBOSGI-40] - Cannot run embedded tests with SecurityManager


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