Monday, February 8, 2010

JBossOSGi 1.0.0.Beta6 Released

I am happy to announce the release of JBossOSGi-1.0.0.Beta6.

You can download the binary here: jboss-osgi-installer-1.0.0.Beta6.jar

The release comes with improvements in the following areas
  • Initial support for fragments.
  • Initial support for Bundle.update().
  • Initial support for native code libraries.
  • Support for R3 bundles.
  • Support for bundle header localization.
  • Improved Blueprint support, using Apache Aries Blueprint.
For details please have a look at the latest version of our User Guide.

Here are the change log details


  • [JBOSGI-210] - Bundle installed but not started with hot deploy
  • [JBOSGI-283] - WebApp extender not installed by default
  • [JBOSGI-145] - JAXB classes are loaded from the system classpath
  • [JBOSGI-204] - Failure in Bundle.start() uninstalls the bundle
  • [JBOSGI-286] - Investigate classloading of javax.* classes
  • [JBOSGI-287] - Optional import loaded from system classloader
Feature Request
  • [JBOSGI-269] - Add initial support for Bundle.update()
  • [JBOSGI-271] - Initial support for R3 bundles
  • [JBOSGI-272] - Implement bundle header localization
  • [JBOSGI-273] - Differenciate R3/R4 bundle validation
  • [JBOSGI-274] - Cache bundle header for default locale
  • [JBOSGI-275] - Add support for Bundle.update() from original location
  • [JBOSGI-276] - Add initial support for native code libraries
  • [JBOSGI-277] - Add initial bundle fragment support
  • [JBOSGI-263] - Integrate Aries Blueprint implementation
  • [JBOSGI-265] - Update to jboss-osgi-framework-1.0.0.Alpha3
  • [JBOSGI-281] - Release JBoss OSGi 1.0.0.Beta6
  • [JBOSGI-264] - Update to jboss-kernel-2.2.x stable release
  • [JBOSGI-279] - Update to jboss-cl-2.2.x stable release
  • [JBOSGI-284] - Investigate version numbering scheme