Tuesday, July 26, 2011

JBossOSGi-1.0.0 Final Released

I am happy to announce the release of JBossOSGi-1.0.0 Final.
You can download the binary here: jboss-osgi-installer-1.0.0.jar

This is our first OSGi Core 4.2. Framework compliant release. It also comes with improvements in the following areas
  • Integration with JBoss AS7
  • Pass the Core 4.2  Compliance Testsuite from the OSGi Alliance
  • Add Declarative Services (DS) example
  • Documentation now available in Confluence
  • OSGi service invocation from EJB3 and Webap
  • Migration to the Arquillian test framework
  • Better support for execution environments
For details please have a look at the latest version of our User Guide.

Here are the change log details

JBossOSGi 1.0.0


  • [JBOSGI-438] - Exception when starting Blueprint component
  • [JBOSGI-443] - Intermittent WebAppNegativeTestCase failure
  • [JBOSGI-458] - Warning from webconsole at first access

Feature Request

  • [JBOSGI-192] - Access an OSGi service from EJB3
  • [JBOSGI-313] - OSGi service invocation from EE6 WebApp
  • [JBOSGI-474] - Add Dynamic Services to examples and distro


  • [JBOSGI-434] - Release 1.0.0 Final
  • [JBOSGI-448] - Run OSGi integration tests as part of the AS7 Hudson job
  • [JBOSGI-461] - Update user guide with OSGi in AS7 usage
  • [JBOSGI-463] - Create OSGi in AS7 QuickStart guide
  • [JBOSGI-468] - Update to Arquillian 1.0.0.CR1 or later
  • [JBOSGI-469] - Migrate performance tests to new Arquillian API
  • [JBOSGI-471] - Remove JTA support for standalone Runtime
  • [JBOSGI-472] - Migrate documentation to confluence
  • [JBOSGI-481] - Fix Equinox performance tests

Core Framework 1.0.0


  • [JBOSGI-433] - [TCK] Intermittent StartLevelControl failure
  • [JBOSGI-439] - Bundle resolution error should provide reason
  • [JBOSGI-442] - Circular class load issue on lazy activation
  • [JBOSGI-444] - Service event failure on Runtime shutdown
  • [JBOSGI-450] - Bundle containing a BundleTracker causes subsequent bundle install/starts to fail
  • [JBOSGI-451] - Timeout starting Framework after shutdown
  • [JBOSGI-452] - ConcurrentModificationException in BundleManager.getBundles()
  • [JBOSGI-456] - Framework events may get delivered out of order
  • [JBOSGI-465] - Framework sets service mode while Container is shutting down
  • [JBOSGI-473] - Unsupported execution environment [OSGi/Minimum-1.2, CDC-1.1/Foundation-1.1, J2SE-1.4] we have [J2SE-1.5, , JavaSE-1.6]
  • [JBOSGI-476] - Cannot acquire start/stop lock for lazy bundles
  • [JBOSGI-477] - Unsupported execution environment OSGi/Minimum-1.1

Feature Request

  • [JBOSGI-441] - Allow for OSGi style Class Filtering


  • [JBOSGI-238] - [TCK] Framework core functionality
  • [JBOSGI-255] - [TCK] Core Framework
  • [JBOSGI-455] - Add services that represent the RESOLVED and ACTIVE states